Status: Online.

My name is Isaac, i’m 18 years old and a full time student. This is probably the fourth time i’m writing an introductory blog post… the other three didn’t exactly work out. But i’m pretty sure i’ll stick to this one because my degree is on the line.

On a serious note, i’m excited to begin this project- a requirement of my course module: Living and Working on the Web #MANG2049. Over the next couple of weeks i’ll be critically discussing the different aspects of the interconnected web and what it means to be a part of it.

I titled the page ‘Status: Online’ because i believe it represents how digital our lives have become. We’re all online most if not all the time. It’s how we communicate, collect information, work, create and entertain ourselves. Now when we carry out activity online, we make footprints creating our digital persona and in today’s hyper-connected world, our digital persona plays an important role whether it’s finding work or building relationships.

So i invite you to join me as i explore the critical aspects that need to be considered as a part of living and working on the web.

Isaac Sam